Webber: AG must do more for Hawthorn Center families

Webber: AG must do more for Hawthorn Center families

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Michael Webber, R-Rochester Hills, on Friday issued the following statement after it was reported that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel will not pursue criminal charges in connection with an unannounced active intruder drill that took place at the only state-run psychiatric hospital for minors in December:

“The serious concerns relating to operation of the Hawthorn Center run much deeper than one disastrous emergency drill. The stories we are hearing from families and former patients who have relied on the facility’s care range from heartbreaking to tragic and they deserve answers and accountability. While criminal activity may not be found in relation to this one event, many questions relating to proper care and other potentially unlawful actions remain unanswered. It is my hope that this recent announcement by the attorney general’s office is just the beginning of an expanded and more comprehensive investigation. More must be done on behalf of individuals and families who have suffered in the center’s care.”

Webber has called on Senate committee chairs to open hearings on the Hawthorn Center. In July, he made a formal request along with other legislators to the Office of the Auditor General to investigate the facility after hearing testimonies shared during a Protect MI Kids listening session that was hosted in Rochester Hills. Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler has said the request will be considered for the office’s 2024 audit cycle.


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