Sen. Albert: Misguided policies will make energy more costly and less reliable

Sen. Albert: Misguided policies will make energy more costly and less reliable

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Thomas Albert said energy policy approved this week by Senate Democrats would leave Michigan with more expensive and less reliable electricity hurting families and the economy across the state.

“The Democrats’ climate agenda is moving too far too fast, and ignores important consequences,” said Albert, R-Lowell. “Michigan already has energy that costs too much and a supply grid that fails too often. This misguided plan would make things even worse for families and businesses at a time they can least afford it. Energy transition should happen more naturally and seamlessly not through forced and rushed government mandates.”

The plan advanced by Senate Democrats calls for utilities to have 100% clean energy by 2040, with several other mandates that will also raise costs.

Another bill approved by Senate Democrats would needlessly expand state government by creating a new office to assist workers and communities as the state transitions from fossil fuels and internal combustion engines. The office could support transition activities related to replacement of lost wages and property taxes, education and training, and several other categories.

“The creation of this office appears to be a recognition that the ‘new energy’ policies government is mandating will have a negative impact on Michigan,” Albert said. “New jobs in affected industries could be fewer in number and pay less than the old ones. It is an approach modeled after the failed central planners of socialist societies. This is poor policy and expands government beyond its proper role.”

Albert said legitimate missions designated to the office, such as worker training, could be handled through existing state programs.


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