Senate Republicans announced our “Roadmap for a Better Michigan” — a plan to improve the lives of every Michigan resident, keep our economy strong, and avoid a second Lost Decade.

Gov. Whitmer and the new Democratic majority have recklessly spent the state’s historic budget surplus and passed laws that threaten to take Michigan back to times of high unemployment, declining household incomes and financial hardships.

The “Roadmap for a Better Michigan” includes three core principles:

1. Relief from inflation and economic opportunity for all.
2. Safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities.
3. Protecting individual liberties and ensuring a more responsible state government.

As inflation continues to soar and unemployment remains above the national average, Democrats are passing bills to make Michigan a much less attractive place to live or operate a business. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Our plan provides a roadmap to get Michigan back on track with recommendations to help Michiganders struggling with inflation, improve schools and roads, and reduce crime.

Relief from Inflation & Economic Opportunity for All

Put money back in the pocket of every Michigander by lowering taxes.

Give every child the support they need to achieve grade level reading proficiency.

Maintain transparency measures that help parents easily understand how their local schools are performing.

Preserve and expand school choice options for parents and students. 

Expand access to broadband by cutting costs and red tape.

Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by protecting energy assets like Line 5.

Stand up against attempts to return Michigan to the time when our car insurance rates were the highest in the nation by far.

Safer, Healthier & More Prosperous Communities

Prioritize repairing the local roads Michiganders drive to school, work, and church — without raising taxes.

Ensure violent offenders don’t walk free due to inadequate local jail capacity or soft-on-crime prosecutors.

Increase access to health care regardless of zip code.

Fix Michigan’s broken mental health care system. 

Promote responsible agriculture practices instead of extreme environmental mandates that would threaten Michigan’s family farms.  

Support a foster care and adoption system that finds safe, loving homes for every child in need.

Protecting Individual Liberties & Ensuring a More Responsible State Government

Protect life and the family wherever and whenever possible. 

Pay down government’s debts so future generations aren’t saddled with the bills.

Ensure every tax dollar is spent wisely by opposing efforts to charge taxpayers more for government services.

Protect the rights of Michigan workers and promote economic policies that provide good-paying jobs.

Support and defend the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners.

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