Daley blasts energy legislation for usurping local authority

Daley blasts energy legislation for usurping local authority

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Kevin Daley, R-Lum, issued the following statement after voting against a series of partisan bills Wednesday that would give Lansing bureaucrats power to override local zoning authorities as part of Democrats’ radical legislation to alter Michigan’s energy policy:

“As a former township trustee and supervisor, I know the important role that local officials play in shaping the future of their communities. I trust township and city officials who are much closer to their constituents than Lansing legislators and bureaucrats to know what is right for their unique and individual communities.

“Who are these bureaucrats to decide what’s good for our local communities? And who are we as a Legislature to tell folks back home that we know better? As if forcing the people of Michigan to pay more for less reliable energy because of extreme partisan ideology isn’t bad enough, taking over local control to do it makes this awful policy shift even worse.

“Replacing viable farmland with endless acres of solar panels and wind turbines is a dangerous idea that will leave us with skyrocketing food and energy prices. Sacrificing the natural beauty and agricultural productivity of our state for this ill-planned, radical endeavor is nothing short of a tragedy.”


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