VanderWall: ‘President Biden’s authoritarian rhetoric is divisive, wrong and opposed to our democratic principles’

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee Chairman Sen. Curt VanderWall on Tuesday called President Joe Biden’s recently announced six-step COVID-19 plan that seeks to enforce sweeping vaccine mandates on millions of public sector employers an overreach of authority that will do more harm to the American people than to heal the nation.

“The President of the United States blatantly ignored the U.S. Constitution last Thursday evening when he outlined his vision of an overreach of executive power that has never before been attempted in this country,” said VanderWall, R-Ludington. “President Biden’s authoritarian rhetoric is divisive, wrong and opposed to our democratic principles.

“As a member of our governor’s vaccination promotion commission, I feel strongly that vaccines are our best tool for fighting off this pandemic; however, the merits of these vaccinations ought to be presented to the American people with true data and not by decree of an elected and constitutionally limited leader who threatens retribution for noncompliance.

“The government has served its role to protect public health through partnership with the private sector to develop an effective vaccine on a miraculous timetable, make that vaccine accessible to the American people and educate them about its value in the fight against COVID-19. The decision whether to vaccinate ultimately lies with each American citizen in consultation with their medical provider.

“The president’s words have further divided a hurting nation. His executive action stands opposed to the Constitution he took an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

“While the full details of his plan remain unknown to the public, I am confident that our courts are in the best position to check this abuse of executive power and stop threats to any American’s civil liberties. I will give my support to legal action brought by any Michigander directly impacted by these orders, even if the Legislature lacks legal recourse to challenge these mandates directly.”

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