Senate Bills Protect Patients

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Many patients and their doctors depend upon prescription drugs as an important part of health care.

I supported Senate legislation to better protect patients by instituting reforms to regulate pharmacists and pharmacies that compound drugs. Senate Bills 704 and 904 allow for the immediate suspension of a pharmacy license when there is an imminent risk to public health and safety.

Other provisions include:

  • Requiring a “pharmacist-in-charge” who is licensed in this state to be responsible for making sure all state laws and regulations are followed;
  • Requiring better records of compound sterile pharmaceuticals; and
  • Tougher penalties for violators.

The bills are in response to an outbreak in 2012 when 1900 Michigan residents were infected with a contaminated steroid product that was made by a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts. As a result, 264 people were diagnosed with fungal meningitis, including 19 deaths.


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