Proos documents ‘A Day in the Life’ of a state senator

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LANSING, Mich. — Sen. John Proos recently took home a video camera to document “A Day in the Life” of a Michigan senator.

“I believe that public service begins with serving the public, so I continue to try new ways to let the residents of Southwest Michigan know what we are doing on their behalf,” said Proos, R-St. Joseph. “I was happy to be a part of an effort to give the people an inside view of the various happenings of a Senate session day, from making the coffee in the morning to getting the kids to bed at night.

“Although — due to time limitations — the video only offers glimpses of a typical session day, it is still a fun and valuable insight into being a public official.”

Proos recorded his day on Nov. 12 with a hand-held video camera. The footage was then edited to less than six minutes and posted online Wednesday.

Residents can view Proos’ “A Day in the Life” video on the Michigan Senate Republican Blog site at or by visiting the video section of Proos’ website at


Editor’s note: Proos’ video is available by clicking on the image or by visiting Proos’ website at Click on “Video” under the Media Center tab.