2021 Priorities: A Healthier Michigan

Every Michigander deserves the opportunity to live and prosper in a safe, healthy community. Senate Republicans are committed to building on opportunities to give Michigan families and communities greater peace of mind about the future.

Healthier Families & Communities

We are committed to:

  • Protecting Michiganders against COVID-19
  • Protecting the lives and livelihoods of every Michigan family
  • Supporting seniors to live healthy and independent lives
  • Increasing and improving access to mental, physical, and financial health resources
  • Making healthcare more affordable
  • Ensuring our communities are safe, secure, and connected

A Healthier Economy

We are committed to:

  • Making Michigan a welcoming home for new and existing businesses
  • Promoting economic freedom for hardworking taxpayers
  • Harnessing our home-grown talent and attracting new talent
  • Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce
  • Making Michigan a leader in sensible workplace safety measures and emergency preparedness
  • Delivering targeted relief and reducing costs to help family businesses get back on their feet and keep their doors open
  • Passing a responsible state spending plan

A Healthier Future

We are committed to:

  • Getting students and schools back on track
  • Restoring balance in state government to ensure all Michiganders have a voice in the laws and policies of their state
  • Removing obstacles preventing individuals from pursuing a meaningful purpose for themselves and their families
  • Ensuring confidence in elections
  • Building a smarter infrastructure system
  • Affirming Michigan’s reputation for unparalleled natural resources