First Quarter Accomplishments ‘15 


20150325_3• Increased funding for third grade reading programs to ensure brighter outcomes for our kids and grandkids.

• Promoted greater accountability in our schools by introducing a rigorous and transparent evaluation system for teachers.

• Researched and discussed strategies to ensure students are proficient in reading by the end of third grade through a special education commission.


20150325_1• Thoughtfully listened to business leaders’ training and retaining methods to promote economic development in Michigan.

• Encouraged strong relationships between community colleges and employers by providing greater funding for special employee training agreements.

• Energized students interested in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in order to better prepare them for the careers of the future.

• Highlighted the importance of the mining industry in our state by designating September 6 as Mining in Michigan Day.

20150325_2QUALITY OF LIFE 

• Supported efforts to keep our communities safe by providing more funding for processing rape kits and prosecution of those crimes.

• Called on the federal government to actively prevent Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes to protect our native species.


• Eliminated over $500 million of wasteful spending in the FY 15 budget to ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.

• Streamlined the process for law-abiding citizens to obtain a CPL by eliminating redundant licensing boards.

• Protected against double-taxation for small businesses developing new software and technologies.


• Upheld the rights of private property owners to prohibit growing, distributing and using medical marijuana in rental properties.

• Protected taxpayers by eliminating required prepayment of disputed tax claim until appeals process is complete.

• Supported a plan to protect our district libraries to promote learning in Michigan.

• Honored those who served by providing sales tax exemption laws for active duty service members or veteran groups.

• Protected the rights of our active duty members with regard to child custody court proceedings.