Top 10 2015 Senate Republican Accomplishments

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  • Unemployment dropped to 5 percent in September, the first time Michigan has been below the national average since August 2000. And more than 400,000 new private sector jobs have been added to our economy in under five years.
  • Michigan has been called “maybe the biggest success story” in the nation in a May 2015 report by PEW Charitable Trusts. “Michigan fell further than any other state in the nation,” the report notes, however, “Michigan has added 417,900 jobs since its low point in March 2010, placing it fifth in overall employment growth.”
  • The Tax Foundation ranks Michigan 14th for the most favorable business tax climate after we acted to eliminate the jobs killing Michigan Business Tax and simplified our business tax structure.
  • Wall Street credit ratings agencies have upgraded Michigan’s credit outlook as a vote of confidence in the reforms passed by Senate Republicans.
  • Reduced unfunded liabilities by more than $16 billion, boosting bond ratings and lowering debt costs for our children and grandchildren.
  • Senate Republicans have passed a balanced budget ahead of schedule for 5 years in a row after retiring a $1.8 billion structural budget deficit.


  • Workplace Fairness and Equality – Gave hardworking Michiganders the right to choose whether to belong to a labor union, making Michigan the 24th Freedom-to-Work state in the nation.
  • Comprehensive Road Funding Fix – After years of discussion and debate, a comprehensive road funding solution was passed that invests more than $1 billion into repairing our roads and bridges.
  • One State – One Standard – Passed legislation prohibiting local units of government from creating differing regulations on minimum wage, sick leave and other employer – employee relations rules.


  • Education is our Top Priority – State spending on K-12 education has gone up more than a billion dollars over the last 5 years. More than 45 cents of every state tax dollar collected goes to K-12 education, community college and universities.
  • Increased Funding for 3rd Grade Reading Programs – Ensures that our children and grandchildren have a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and ends social promotion in our schools.
  • More Accountability for Schools – Passed a rigorous and transparent evaluation system for teachers.
  • Protecting Student Privacy – Prohibit selling of personal information from a student’s records or online school activity to for-profit businesses and marketing databases.
  • More Promise Zones = More College Students – Passed legislation to increase the number of promise zones by 50 percent so more students have an opportunity for help to pay for higher education through local tax increment financing.
  • Michigan Education Savings Plan – Increased the cap on education savings accounts for college expenses to help fund our children’s pursuit of their dreams.
  • Tuition Cap at our Universities – Senate Republicans continue to fight to hold down the cost of tuition.


  • Eliminated more than $500 million in Wasteful Spending – Taxpayers expect that their hard- earned tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, and Senate Republicans ensured half a billion dollars from the FY ’15 budget went into road construction and repair.
  • Streamlined CPL Process – Reduced red tape by eliminating redundant licensing boards to improve the procedure for law abiding citizens to obtain a license to carry concealed to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Eliminated ineffective “jobs” program – Ended the Granholm-era Early Stage Venture Investment Fund, which failed to meet its own objectives to retain and attract businesses in Michigan, saving even more taxpayer dollars
  • Ended Michigan’s Film Credits – Saved taxpayers tens of millions of dollars by eliminating a costly film incentive program that paid Hollywood executives and California-based corporations but did little to boost Michigan’s economy or create permanent jobs in our state.
  • Preventing School District Deficits – Established an early warning system to detect pending financial emergencies in Michigan school districts before they become too large, and strengthened deficit elimination plans to restore financial solvency at failing schools.
  • Allow Motorists to Carry Electronic Proof of Insurance via Smart Phones – No need to scramble in your glove compartment for your proof of insurance, simply show a law enforcement officer the documents on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Restored Justice for Victims of Violent Crimes – Fully funded efforts to eliminate the backlog on 10,000 rape kits in the Detroit area and prosecute the offenders.
  • Urged Federal Government to Eradicate Asian Carp – We need Congress and the President  to actively confront this menace to the thriving native species of the Great Lakes and protect our region’s abundant tourism and natural resources.
  • Park Land Acquisition and Development – Funded dozens of park projects from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund to build upon Michigan’s great outdoor recreation areas.
  • Preserve Michigan’s Outdoor Heritage – Banned the use of unmanned drones from assisting hunters in the taking of game or fish or from being used to harass or interfere with a hunting or fishing.
  • Protected Faith Based Adoption Agencies – Ensuring that the convictions of our hearts in matters of faith are not overridden by the state or its agents. All children deserve a home but not all agencies need to be told how to accomplish their goals.